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Tea Pot & Cup on Silver Round Charm Watch..NEW


Ships from China

Size:about 42*30CM


1 inch=25.4mm (1"=25.4mm)

1mm=0.04 inches (1mm=0.04")

Please note: This is ribbon stitch, so fine ribbons, needles, blue print, instruction map, accurate fine cloth are included in the sewing set, not thread, thank you

Teapot and Cup with Purple and Yellow on Silver Round Charm Watch

This HOTTEST Custom Round Italian Charm Photo Watch comes with 16 starter charm links.

* The watch links can be exchanged with other medium size (9mm)charms.
* All our watches are brand new and are using Japanese movements and batteries (included).
* The measurement of the watch face is approximately 7/8" x 1 1/2", and the length is 7", it can fit most lady's wrists.
* The watch band is made of stainless steel.

- PayPal is the only from of Payment Accepted

- All items are custom designed in Indiana/Illinois area, then shipped from Hong Kong

- Worldwide Shipping Cost is set at only $7.99

- Please allow min. of 14 business shipping days to receive product

- Color may vary slightly

**Payment is due within 3 days

**Paypal is only form of payment i accept


*** Please Note - If there is a problem ..please address it to me before you make a negative post.  We want our customers happy and satisfied ..but I cant address problems if I dont know they exist.

*** Our Policy  - Good product, cheap prices, great customer

PLEASE NOTE *** The Manufacturer will be closed from Feb 9-19 for Chinese Lunar New Years.. They will be accepting orders but NO ITEMS WILL BE MADE, FILLED OR SHIPPED.
On Oct-26-09 at 09:43:14 PDT, seller added the following information:

| |

The Charm Watches are shipped in 2 pieces to prevent them breaking. Putting them together is easy and should not take more then a couple minutes top.  The Watch links have a bar (if you pull back the top) and a hooked part that slides over the bar. You simply hook the one part over the bar and move the top over it to secure it. I find a pin or part of a paperclip helps hold it open.

Please Note
This item comes shipped in 2 parts ( as it would break otherwise). The links have a curved hook after you pull back the rectangular surface. You simply place the hook over the bar on the other link and let the rectangular part cover and secure it.
This should take only a few minutes tops. It may be helpful to put something in one side ( like a hairpin or paper clip to keep one side open)

Please Note ***
  Items with an asterisk (*) at the end of title ship from Indiana
  Items without an Asterisk (*)...ship from HONG KONG and take -3 weeks
  Europe Dec 9th
  US, Canada -- Dec 5
We do offer significant Discounts for these items though

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